Lightroom Presets

  1. Click on the preset link for each photo and open with Safari (other website browsers will not work nor will saving it with Dropbox).

  2. From here you can save the zip file to the Files App on your mobile phone.

  3. Open Files after saving the zip and find the correct folder. Click Preview Content.

  4. Swipe through each image and Copy to Lightroom through the download link in the bottom left corner.

  5. Repeat these steps for each preset.

  6. Open your Adobe Lightroom Mobile App.

  7. To use the preset, click on the photo and at the top right click ... From here you can either 1. copythe settings which will then allow you to paste the settings on your other photos OR 2. create a preset to save the preset for the future. After you save the different presets, when editing a photo in Lightroom on mobile on the bottom scroll to the end of the editing options where you will see presets. Choose which preset you want to use.

Tips: No matter what preset you use you may have to adjust things slightly depending on where the photo was taken, the lighting, etc.