Instagram Down?

June 18th

Starting 10:25pm EST on June 18th, Instagram is once again not working. Issues of news feed not refreshing, activity is not loading and inability to post.

June 13th

It’s not just you. Starting at 2:33pm EST on June 13th, 2019 there have been thousands of reported outages on Instagram including news feed not refreshing, being unable to like, comment, follow or message, and the inability to post on your story or newsfeed! *Updated: Instagram was fixed around 6:33pm EST on June 13th.*


Don’t panic. Instagram will eventually fix it, but being as this is the second *now third* time this year, let’s prepare for more issues in the future. Updating your app won’t help and neither will logging in and out so don’t bother. Pretty much the most you can do is report the issue in your app and hope that they fix it soon.

This is another reminder why you need to grow more than just ONE social media platform and why you NEED to have a website. If Instagram or Facebook was no more, what would you do? How would you communicate with your audience and most importantly, how would they find you?

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Image of live outage map via